Translation Services

The translation services provided by PTG include website translation, translation of journals and periodicals, editing, proofreading, and project management.
We offer a broad range of specialized translations into and from major languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi and Turkish. Translations involve materials in the domains of medicine, law, marketing, management, business, commerce, teaching, linguistics, history, chemistry, physics, philosophy, religion, mathematics, computer, advertising, etc.
A good translation is usually idiomatic rather than literal. It must transfer the meaning of the source text while taking into account the style and cultural differences. Each translation project is performed by a specialized translator. All the translations are proofread by a native expert in the related field.

Website Translation

Our translation office provides you with website translation services, including website localization and translation – the website translations are in MS word format. PTG offers the translation of all types of websites, including personal websites, writers / authors websites, mobile device websites, blogs, online business brochures / catalogues, community building websites, directory websites, informational websites, E-commerce websites, etc.

Translation of journals and periodicals

If you need the translation of a journal or periodical in your field of study or job, PTG’s translators offers the best translation to you. A variety of journals PTG translates include, but not limited to, academic / scholarly journals, trade journals, newspapers, popular magazines, current affairs / opinion magazines, and professional journals.


Every written material, including articles and books, should undergo an edition process in order to be well-accepted in terms of content, overall structure, the structure within paragraphs, clarity, style, and citations. PTG’s professional editors are ready to make your written materials fluent, accurate, and natural for the target readers.


The way a paper looks affects the way others judge it. Through the proofreading process, typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling are corrected. This stage of translation services is essential to all types of texts, even general texts. PTG proofreads all translations of any type before delivery to clients.

Project Management

Our project managers work hard on each new project in order to produce a high quality translation for the clients. They determine needs of the client, the scope of the new project, the appropriate deadline, and the final quote. Their goal is to deliver the project to your satisfaction, budget, and time.

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